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 Labor market opportunities for persons with disabilities

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PostSubject: Labor market opportunities for persons with disabilities   Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:42 am

[size=55:3nmzqi3u]BNR 09 October 2010

Labor market opportunities for persons with disabilities

The traditional Career Day of Persons with Disabilities has been effective in providing job opportunities to such people. At a specialized labor market initiated by the Civil Association of Individual Initiative with financial support from the Agency of Persons with Disabilities, 20 large Bulgarian and foreign companies met with some 300 men and women with various disabilities. This is an important initiative given that unemployment among this group of Bulgarians is particularly rampant.

Bulgaria has passed a Law on Integration of Persons with Disabilities under which employers of such persons are entitled to financial incentives. The more such jobs are opened, the larger the sums. An employer who has opened jobs for a term of at least 3 years, and who have hired jobless persons with disabilities with labor contracts, gets money from the state budget to pay them wages, as well as pension and health insurance contributions for that period. Unfortunately, a substantial part of the persons with disabilities have insufficient qualifications. They have the chance of joining re-qualification courses under the National Program for Employment and Professional Training of Persons with Disabilities. Besides the Bulgarian Agency for Personal Alternative (BAPA) releases roughly EUR 3000 to an employer to pay for architectural reconstruction concerning practical access of disabled people to the workplace. EUR 1300 is paid for the equipment of a single workplace. To get financing, employers should submit a project at the Agency of Persons with Disabilities.

In figures from the Employment Agency, labor bureaus have registered 13,699 persons with disabilities since the beginning of the year. During the same period 1500 individuals from the same social group have found jobs. In October the labor bureaus have launched new employment programs for persons with disabilities, so 800 of them are expected to get new jobs.

Rositsa Koeva has impaired hearing, and uses a hearing device. She is 45 and a geodesist by education. Since she lost her job during the restructuring of the Geoplan Project Institute, she has worked for an upholstery studio, a warehouse and a shop. She has also finished a book-keeping course. With her disability pension worth EUR 65 a month, she has to take care of herself and her son who is a student. She counts on the labor market to find the right employer.

“For the simple reason that I have impaired hearing, and wear a hearing device, I am often turned down at job interviews, even for positions requiring no qualifications. Even at the labor bureau where I go to register every month, I am told that there are no jobs for disabled.”

In a bid to tackle the problem, central government is using the opportunities delivered by the European funds. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the Ministry of Economy have pooled part of the resources they get under two EU operational programs – Human Resources Development and Competitiveness. This is a way to support employers and companies who hire persons with disabilities. EUR 10 million under Operational Programme Competitiveness has been earmarked for equipment upgrading of specialized enterprises hiring disabled workers. EUR 20 million under the Human Resources Development Operational Programme will be used to finance qualification and services that will help persons with disabilities feel welcome to the labor market. In December local authorities will run for financing that will allow for opening specialized enterprises for disabled such as restaurants, communal kitchens, laundries and other businesses in the services sector.

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Labor market opportunities for persons with disabilities

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