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 Chaos Looms as EU Enforces New Luggage Rule

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PostSubject: Chaos Looms as EU Enforces New Luggage Rule   Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:08 pm

[size=55:39rzwe0b]EU news

Chaos Looms as EU Enforces New Luggage Rule

The European Union will bring into force on Friday a ban on carrying liquids in cabin baggage, which are purchased from duty-free shops outside the 27 member states.

At least 10 of the 27 EU member states, including the UK, France and the Netherlands, have refused to comply with a Brussels deadline to ease restrictions at airports because of safety concerns.

Another eight member states, including Germany, have said they can comply with the easing of the ban after installing scanners at their main transit hubs.

Even though the new rule will affect a small percentage of passengers who have bought a beverage from an airport outside the European block and must be transferring to another plane on the territory of the EU, fears of further chaos and confusion at the airports loom large.

The restrictions, which are also enforced in other countries including the US, have caused confusion at airports worldwide, with passengers regularly having expensive bottles of perfume and alcohol confiscated at security.

The change must be followed by a complete abolition of restrictions on liquids in hand luggage in 2013 within the EU.

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Chaos Looms as EU Enforces New Luggage Rule

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