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 Wheat beer from " Kamenitza"

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PostSubject: Wheat beer from " Kamenitza"    Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:52 pm


Wheat beer from "

In the year of 130th anniversary, Kamenitza AD presents its new wheat beer. Kamenica Wheat is unfiltered, which makes it suitable for lovers of natural and unusual beers. It combines the richness of European brewing tradition with high quality and 130-year history of the first beer in Bulgaria - Kamenica.

Photographer: Kamenitza AD

Created from premium wheat malt

The first of its kind in our wheat beer was created by the original recipe, developed jointly by Bulgarian, Croatian and Belgian brewers team of specialists. Kamenica Wheat is predominantly a top-notch content wheat malt. In combination with barley malt and hops traditional beer is fuller taste and refreshing, soft and fizzy taste. As with all piva wheat, the new feature is its natural Kamenica turbidity due to the lack of filtering.

Real things in life are unfiltered

Another hallmark of Kamenica Wheat is the specific production process. Unlike traditional dolnofermentirashtite beers, wheat goes through a process of top fermenting. This is a natural process that makes beer more balanced and natural, with consistent quality and higher protein content. Beer contains some live yeast, which significantly increases its biological properties. Unfiltered January close to the production characteristics of the so-called "
live beer"
, but differs from it with much greater durability.

New style of pouring

Chilled to 4 ° C, half of the amber liquid is poured into a tall glass. Shake the bottle gently with circular motions to open the bottom precipitated flavours in the cup and then make the rest of the beer.

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Wheat beer from " Kamenitza"

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