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 Airports and concessionaires in 2012

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PostSubject: Airports and concessionaires in 2012   Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:38 am

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Translated with Google.

Continued demand for airports and concessionaires in 2012 EUR 52 million investment plan for airports

In 2011 the Ministry of Transport and Communications announced prepared and open procedures for the concession for the three airports - Gorna Oryahovitsa, Ruse and cargo terminal of Plovdiv Airport. In April, Cabinet approved the initiation of preparatory activities for the concession of the airport. If implemented, this will be the largest concession since 2006, when the Treaty enters into force for the concession of the airports in Varna and Burgas "
Fraport Twin Star Airport Management"
The contract with "
provides investment 403 million euros for a period of 35 years and pay an annual concession fee of 19.2% of the total of all activities related to the use of the assets of the two airports. In 2010, "
imported into the budget a little over 13 million in the form of fees, which is a huge part of all concession fees levied by the state - 16.7 million euro for 2010

Varna and Bourgas airports

In 2011, the concessionaire continued the implementation of major investment program to modernize and improve service to both airports sea.
Burgas Airport was completed a new administrative building new cargo building and widened to four aircraft. Underway is the construction of a new building on fire and clearing land to build a new terminal.
Varna airport was closed on 15 October, when the track started rehabilitation of 40 million is planned for completion end of February 2012 is built passable parallel cable connection and building maintenance at the airport.
In 2012 it is planned and actual start of construction of two international passenger terminal on our marine airports. At the end of November 2011 was signed with the contractor selected through a competition - Engineering Consortium - ICHTASH, which includes the Bulgarian company "
Holding SA and Turkish ICHTASH. The planned investment in terminals is 130 million and the deadline for completion - summer 2013

Sofia Airport

The preparation procedure for concession of airport is still at the stage of analysis. Currently, the airport operator has the same name owned company.
At present in 2012 were down 52 million leva investment"
Sofia Airport "
, told "
Construction City"
Veselin Peikov CEO. Over 37 million BGN for airport as an airport for public use. Nearly 15 million are for activities as a trader (ground handling, retail goods, rentals, parking, etc.). Specific data on investment will become clear after the final adoption of the size and facilities of the board of directors of "
Sofia Airport"
PLC and approved by the Minister of Transport and Communications.
By May 2012 must be completed and construction of new airport tower at the airport. DS Client is "
Air Traffic"
and the value - 159.1 mln Artist is "

2011 - no interest in the concessions at airports

At the end of March 2011 MTITC announced procedures for granting concessions to the three sites of airport infrastructure - airport Ruse, Gorna Oryahovitsa airport and cargo terminal of Plovdiv Airport. This is the third attempt to find a concessionaire at the airport in Rousse, which is not functioning since 1996 concession building, a period of 35 years.
The concession for Gorna Oryahovitsa airport for service. Despite the crisis in the past two years, the airport reported a small profit. According to a report MTITC it is the largest capacity development and the opportunity to become the largest cargo airport in the Balkans.
Despite the declared interest of foreign companies real candidates for concession of the two airports has not recurred, although the deadline was extended again. Once scheduled, and the second tender had indicated an interest, the deadline was again extended until April 20, 1012 for Ruse airport and April 2, 2012 for the Gorna Oryahovitsa airport. The main reason for the lack of interest is compounded concessional terms, say experts from the industry. Both airports from potential concessionaires are required to have 3 million annual income from the management of civil airport for one of the last 10 years, fixed capital of at least 1 million and assets of at least 5 million. It is mandatory to have at least 10 years of experience in management and operation of civil airports.
In such a scenario is developed and the experience for the concession of the cargo terminal of Plovdiv Airport. Once in June when the deadline for opening bids, no expressions of interest, the deadline was extended twice. The last date for opening of tenders was on December 12, 2011 Still no information on how the procedure is completed. Concession for construction and for '35 Looking for investor to build a freight terminal, office building, hangar space for cargo terminal and a connection to the existing taxiway over an area 195,000 square meters

Balchik airport

Has the potential for development in 2012 after last year had launched the idea of ​​converting the former military airport into a civilian in order to provide an alternative to both sea and airports to develop business and tourism along the North Coast, look for opportunities to provide of investments. Currently Airport Balchik water assets of the Directorate General "
Civil Aviation Administration"
(CAA) in MTITC. According to Decision № 646 of 08/30/2011 Council of Ministers, CAA "
is the airport of Balchik"
Sofia Airport "
PLC for use. According to the requirements of Article 43 e of the Civil Aviation Act (Civil Aviation Act) the signing of a contract between Minister of Transport and Communications "
Sofia Airport"
PLC on the terms and conditions for using the airport, after the signing of which will be developed and specific development plans.

AD - two airports

In early July 2011 was officially opened Lesnovo airfield near Elin Pelin. This is the second airport, which invests in "
AD, after the discovery in 2006 of Primorsko Airport. Both airports are operated by "
AD. The company is 99.99% owned by "
AD. "
AD is an ambitious investment program Aprons Lesnovo to become the sixth international airport in Bulgaria.

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Airports and concessionaires in 2012

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