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 cyber crime

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PostSubject: cyber crime   Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:11 pm

Anonymous is famous so they say

Hackers 'shut down' Home Office website
08 April 2012 | 03:46 | FOCUS News Agency
Home / European Union
London. An apparent ‘denial of service’ attack, made it impossible to access the Home Office website for at least an hour.
Those trying to access the website were instead confronted by a notice that “Due to a high volume of traffic this page is currently unavailable.”
The attack appeared to have been partly in protest at extradition proceedings against Gary McKinnon, 46, who is accused of hacking US military computers, the Sunday Telegraph informs.
Other posts about “draconian surveillance proposals” suggested the hackers were also angry about recent Government draft proposals that would potentially allow the security services to monitor every email, phone call and website visit to see who people were contacting and what websites they were looking at.
On Twitter, messages purporting to be from the hacking group, were posted under the name AnonOpUK, saying: “Anonymous is famous …. UK Home Office. Maybe you should start to listen to the people.”
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cyber crime

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