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 Ins company websites

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PostSubject: Ins company websites   Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:13 pm

Thought this might help some of you if your looking for insurance as I have been it a good site showing all the insurance companies, there are those out there that will offer their services to help YOU sort it all out but at a price!! it's much cheaper to do it all yourself with just a translator or a local . For a comprehensive list of insurance companies licenced to issue third party liability insurance policies and links to the websites: (in Bulgarian) I used Google Click here  
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PostSubject: Re: Ins company websites   Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:12 pm

Thanks for the link Dave you can also check this site to see what cover if nay a car has that is Bg registered.

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Guarantee fund

The Fund is an institution having 10-yer history and proved good standing of serious preventive effect on the compulsory insurance.

The Guarantee Fund performs some functions and tasks as assigned by law and focused on the protection of the interests of both the Republic of Bulgaria and European Union citizen and on ensuring the sustainability, transparency and confidence in the organization.

The Mission

To reply to the challenges presented by the new realities by combining the 10-year experience accumulated and the recent requirements for the insurance field development.

The Goal

Professional and correct service to the Fund customers. These are both the persons suffered any traffic accident having claimed their compensation claims and the regression responsible persons including their duly authorized representatives having a representation power with respect to the Fund.
We do achieve this goal by creating the appropriate conditions for timely compensation to the traffic accident victims. By taking into consideration the general social status in the country, we apply an approach for the voluntary settlement of the relations with the persons liable.

The Functions

Administration of a coherent system of compulsory insurance reporting;
Issuance and administration of a symbol certifying the Motor Third Party Liability insurance /MTPL/ made;
Payment of the compensations due to the motorists under the Motor Third Party Liability Insurance /MTPL/and to the public transport passengers under the Accident compulsory insurance;
Provision of information concerning the compensations that the persons entitled to may be paid.

The Tasks

Functioning of the coherent system for the compulsory insurance reporting and for the data use, in line with European directives in the field of insurances and effective Bulgarian legislation;
Operation in favour of the citizens of both Bulgaria and EU member states;
Diligent management of the bona fide citizens’ money.

The Means

Application of the provisions of all and any acts of legislation as well as of any acts rendered by Bulgarian governmental authorities regulating the operation in the insurance area;
Making the necessary contacts and interface to the Fund members and to the competent governmental authorities;
Participation in the development, modification and harmonization of any drafts of legislation in the area of insurances.

All processes in our organization are implemented through

Compliance with the principles of legality, objectiveness and due diligence;
Creating the necessary conditions for competency, fairness and transparency in all and any actions;
Creating conditions for every employee’s involvement and commitment for a high quality operation and for organization’s promotion and prosperity;
Compliance with all and any legal requirements applicable;
Application of the rules in force regarding the ethical conduct and the internal order of operation;
Esteem and correct attitude to both the organization and the clients, in line with the rules in force.

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Ins company websites

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